PROUDLY SERVING El Paso & providing jobs to those in need

If you are interested in catering provided by Hallelujah! BBQ, you are in the right place. Currently we take reservations with a week lead time.

If you wish to have Hallelujah BBQ cater your event, please fill out the contact us form by clicking here. If you have additional questions or would like to speak to our catering manager, please call us at 915.241.0240 and speak to Blake. 

Currently our menu includes:

Main Dishes:                                                                    Sides:

Smoked Brisket                                                                   Potato Salad                             Green-Chile Mac & Cheese      Pasta Salad                              

Smoked Turkey                                                                   Cornbread casserole                Corn Bread Muffins                 Black Beans

Smoked Sausage                                                                 Regular Mac and Cheese        Green Beans                              Pinto Beans

Smoked Chicken                                                                 Cole Slaw                                    Mashed Potatoes